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Become a BeachSweat Instructor

Earn commissions on subscriptions, get paid for creating personalized workouts , and receive tips from your classes.

Get access to a globally marketed fitness content platform.

All from the location of your choice!

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1 Fill out the contact form.
2 Create a 1-2 minute sample class. NOTE: Your video should be filmed in "South Beach inspired" swimwear, as shown on this website.
3 Post the sample class to a Google Drive and invite to access the file as an Editor.
4 If you are selected, we will be in touch to start working on full-length classes.

Fill Out The Contact Form

Tips For Creating Your Video

Find a great location to film. The more visually inspiring, the better!

We recommend using more than 1 phone (or camera) and record from different angles. Videos with multiple angles get more views.

It adds a lot to the feel of the class if you have someone zoom in and out from different angles.

For audio, you can use the exterior mic on your phone or download software like the Pro Camera by Moment to use AirPods. If you really want to go pro, use the Shure MV88+ Video / Audio kit for Smartphones.

If you use music, make sure that it is royalty free. We can’t accept videos without royalty free music. We can also add music to it later for you.

Videos with nudity will not be accepted.